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  1. Kesida Reply
    Chupacabra, in Latin American popular legend, a monstrous creature that attacks animals and consumes their name is derived from the Spanish words chupar (“to suck”) and cabra (“goat”) and can be translated as “goat-sucker.” As a fearsome but probably nonexistent creature, the chupacabra has been characterized as the southern equivalent of the Sasquatch.
  2. Mimuro Reply
    Oct 16,  · The chupacabra was a very recent addition to the Mysterious Monster Club, coming many decades after Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster made their debuts.
  3. Zulkigal Reply
    El Chupacabra is a cryptid that is renowned for its attacks on livestock, hence the Spanish name "the goatsucker." It supposedly eats chickens, goats, and other farm animals and pets. It has been reported all over the Americas, specifically the Southwestern United States, Mexico and Puerto Rico. There are two common versions of the chupacabra. There is a reptilian kind - the true chupacabra.
  4. Nimi Reply
    Chupacabra definition is - a grotesque creature that drinks the blood of livestock and is reported to exist in North and South America. How to use chupacabra in a sentence.
  5. Gardale Reply
    Jan 25,  · Chupacabra (from Spanish: Goat-Sucker) is a cryptid whose origins lie in contemporary Latin American legend, and is among the mythical creatures released in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare expansion pack. In game, the creature resembles a cross between a hyena and a boar, and demonstrates great agility. It has grey-green skin, red eyes, and a row of quills along its layscupxiosnelelin.liehageludedownfumetheamegilern.coon: Diez Coronas#N#Perdido.
  6. Kigaktilar Reply
    Feb 14,  · The Chupacabra Emerges. For years, chupacabras were only the stuff of folklore and internet conspiracy theories. Then came the bodies. In the early s, in Texas and elsewhere in the southwestern U.S., people started finding dead bodies resembling the chupacabra’s description — hairless, four-legged creatures with burnt-looking skin.
  7. Zolokus Reply
    Feb 25,  · The Chupacabra Home Page is looking for contributors. If you have a report of anything related to the Chupacabra, we'll probably include it. This Page is maintained by Tito Armstrong, Princeton Class of Any comments and/or suggestions are appreciated. [Latin Links] [Rumba y .
  8. Donris Reply
    The mythical chupacabra -- a coyote-like creature from Hispanic folklore -- is said to attack goats and other livestock. "Sightings" across the U.S. have lead to some intriguing pictures.
  9. Mezizragore Reply
    I guess a Chupacabra does, I don’t know." Brent Ortego, a Wildlife Diversity Biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife, believes the caged creature is most likely a small canine, such as a coyote, dog or fox, KFOR-TV reports.

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